James, my wife (Sylvia), I, and Julia, with James's and Lien's daughter and twins.

James, my wife (Sylvia), I, and Julia, with James’s and Lien’s daughter and twins.; the studio portrait for book publicity

Christmas 2017 in Maui


“Ha! Again: /Said he young Harry Percy’s spur was cold?/ Of Hotspur, Coldspur? that rebellion/Had met ill luck?” (King Henry The Fourth, Part 2)

 “The shadow of Percy Hotspur still hovers over the town – the Politics of the Duke are the Politics of the Town – Transport House is a rash dream, the Daily Herald a red rag! and Communism a nasty nightmare.” (Durham miner, Methodist preacher and writer Sid Chaplin, about Alnwick, the seat of the Dukes of Northumberland, in 1945)

“On Poppy Day/our schools bought red paper flowers. They were for Flanders./I saw Hotspur cursing the smoke through which a popinjay/minced from the battle. Those raging commanders from Thersites to Percy, their rant is our model./I pinned the poppy to my blazer. It bled like a vowel.” (from LII in Midsummer, by Derek Walcott)

COLDSPUR is the personal website of Tony Percy. I was born in the UK, and moved to the USA in 1980. I retired in 2000, and moved from Connecticut to Southport, North Carolina a year later. COLDSPUR is the phlegmatic alter ego of HOTSPUR, my pseudonym as a Listener Crossword Puzzle setter (see www.listenercrossword.com ). (Hotspur.com was already taken, and I was too stingy to buy the owner out.) If you want to learn more about one important aspect of my life, try the following link: An American Odyssey.

This website has been created  to publicize various reports and articles that I have written, as well as alert others to my interests.  To contact me on any matters arising from content on this site, please email me at antonypercy@aol.com.

On October 26, 2017, the University of Buckingham Press published my book ‘Misdefending the Realm’.  For further information, see MisdefendingtheRealm.

I have decide to list here all the monthly blog entries that I have written since I moved to the new platform, so that readers may have a quick way of finding any piece they are interested in.

February 2018: Sonia and the Quebec Agreement

January 2018: Soviet Espionage: Transatlantic Connections

December 2017: Isaiah in Love

November 2017: Krivitsky, Churchill and the Cold War

October 2017: Misdefending the Realm

September 2017: Sonia’s Radio – Envoi

August 2017: Sonia’s Radio -Part IX

July 2017: Web Woes

June 2017: Sonia’s Radio – Part VIII

May 2017: Officially Unreliable

April 2017: Sonia’s Radio – Part VII

March 2017: POLARBEAR Has Landed

February 2017: Sonia’s Radio – Part VI

January 2017: Sonia’s Radio – Part V

December 2016: Taking the Cake

November 2016: Sonia’s Radio – Part IV

October 2016: Economists’ Follies

September 2016: Sonia’s Radio – Part III

August 2016: Doctor in the House

July 2016: My Experience with Opioids

June 2016: Sonia’s Radio – Part II

May 2016: Revisiting Smiley & Co.

April 2016: Sonia’s Radio – Part I

March 2016: Hey Big Spender!

February 2016: On Privacy and Publicity

January 2016: The Myth of Buying Market Share

December 2015: Refugees and Liberators

November 2015: The Congenial Richard Dawkins

October 2015: Mann Overboard!

September 2015: Some Diplomatic Incidents

August 2015: The Undercover Egghead

July 2015: Magna Carta and Pluralism

June 2015: Surveying Lake Tahoe

May 2015: Remembering Mr. Popper

April 2015: Richie Benaud – My Part in His Success

March 2015: Isaiah Berlin – Too Hot to Handle?

February 2015: ‘All The News That’s Not Fit to Archive’

January 2015: Turing and Cripps

December 2014: Cleeseana

November 2014: Hugh Walpole



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  1. Hi Tony

    I like your new website. Much, much more user friendly than the old one. Are you doing it yourself or do you have a paid geek?

    As ever


    • coldspur

      I worked with a template, and had some training. For a while, I found it all a bit strange (unlearning), but then things suddenly clicked.

  2. Awesome blog, going to bookmark it!

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