The Top 400 Tracks: 1957-2009

This section lists  400 different tracks, which represent my favo(u)rite popular music of the past fifty years or so.  They can be viewed in a single document (PlaylistsAtoT) but also appear as separate items:

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The primary rule for the list is that no artist may be represented twice unless he or she appears under a different guise. Thus Paul Simon is entitled to one entry: Simon and Garfunkel to one, also. Only one by Fleetwood Mac, even though the group metamorphosed several times. No song appears twice. I have not attempted to rank them, although some might argue (and I would agree with them) that not all are of equal merit. A few have been included, even, because of some personal connotation which raised their significance.

I have organized the tracks in twenty Playlists, which themselves have no significance other than the fact that I broke up styles and periods deliberately. To view the complete list of tracks, click on one of the following options: [NB These links have not yet been updated, because of problems woth tabular data in Word Press. November 17, 2014)]

Tracks by Title          Tracks by Year of Release      Tracks by Artist Name       Tracks by Playlist

Browsers pondering my selections, and thus gaining a sense of my tastes, may wish to point out classics that I have ignored, or of which I may not be aware. I should be very happy to hear of such choices, and shall attempt to listen to them on YouTube, after which I may augment my list or demote some tracks in favo(u)r of the new discoveries. Gordon Brown, for instance, may wish to email me to point out the excellence of an Arctic Monkeys song that has escaped my ear and eye.

Perhaps I should mention that I have never been to a pop concert in my life. But I do own over 90% of the tracks listed, even though a few may reside on 45 rpm singles, awaiting translation to electronic format.

Please send your comments and suggestions to (Playlist U is under development, not yet having reached the requisite 20 items.)



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  1. Popular music? Tell me, isn’t this something that young persons listen to?

    • coldspur

      Well, I am only 67, so what’s your point, buster?

      I might riposte that fogeys listen to unpopular music, like some of that hammy opera stuff . . .

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